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i'm 17, vary new if not clueless to magic i'v had an interest in magic but was always put down by people saying how its "not real" guess i'm not the only one that knows better, i love halloween and the joy it gives me with the myths, stories and magic behind it i'm vary kind and caring in a different way, if i'm blunt it means your problem is annoying and its best forget and move on if i'm nice and caring then i'm there to help in anyway i can i try to be mature and nicer but stress and annoyance in video games and things alike gets me to a point where i can be hard to be around my first spell type was a few gender change spells my spell interests are body spells that are not impossible spells i'm thinking about: vampire spells, a wish for a successful wish spell and the spell for it, and spells that don't require resources out of reach, finding a user of the inflate with goo spell and learn how it works i have few fears, but if i had to list one the day some fool find a spell that brings my most feared monsters in stories to life. i'm not an open kid to ask help but this site seems alright and good to find out what magic really can do, and i'm open to friend requests, if you enjoy gaming and myths alike and if you want you can ask mail me about social stuff like discord, skype and steam even though say body spells are impossible as are others, their is a saying that keeps me believing, the myths we see stay that way....until you find it.