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Name: brandonstein
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I'm not good at biographys. But I do like to try. So-______________________________________________ Art: want to ask me to draw something? Ok, but you may need kik or telegram so I can send you the final result. My promise to you is that it's free art, why is it free, well I need practice, so it may not really be that good. I will spend 1 hour on the art send it to you. But please don't ask for nsfw content. age: I don't trust giving it ____________________________________________ photos: public: i plan on adding some of my pictures that I've drawn soon. Or just one. Im not sure. I got one. ____________________________________________ name: maybe I will tell ______________________________________________ telegram: ask and if we are friends or there is a good reason i will tell you. It's a much better messaging app compared to 'kik', 'hangouts', 'facebook', etc ________________________________________________ Kik: ok, ok i give in. I got one again, because apparently everyone only wants to use kik :'/ just ask for it if you want to message me there. _______________________________________________ S.O: why do people place this here?___________________________________________ personality: we are trying to figure that out. I know, complicated, odd and confusing. ______________________________________________ Mental disorder: sure I have one, but so what? Maybe you do to, would that make you less of a person?______________________________________ reason for being here: I can't seem to stay away. __________________________________________ warning: I do like to leave my account on. It just kinda convenient, plus I'm on enough. But I do sometimes seamingly disappear, but don't worry. I always come back. ___________________________________________ practices: energy monipulation.