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Name: FreeWolf
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Alright, let's see where to start! AH I Know, I am a Scorpio. I am a spirit born into this life where I feel alone and I cannot trust anyone! However, I am trying to change that by expanding my horizons! I am a real shy person at first but once you start to know me then my true colors shine! I have been on my spiritual path now for about 5 years now! I was raised Christian but I found that I love the nature aspect of Wicca/ The Old Way! So in my heart, I know this to be true, I am a Christian Wiccan! I love my life even though sometimes I get lost, or hurt. But what is life without a few bumps in the road! Cause in the end I can say," I RODE THAT! WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING!" LOL Now the way I believe in Christian Wiccan may be different than most! I do believe that I should not cast any evil to my neighbor and wish them no ill will, (and ye harm none, do what ye will) I also believe that all life is sacred but is given to us by our gods for the nourishment of our bodies so long as we don't overuse it! (no I am not a hunter) I believe in both the God and Goddess but the way I see it is that each God/Goddess is a different face of a diamond a different face but all connected to the same stone! Now, what special abilities do I have, let's see how about oh here is one I am empathic! I have learned to control it and use it to the benefit of others! Sometimes though someone gets in through my shield and then the fun begins! Hmmm oh here is another one I am a Reiki master healer! Love helping others! I know how to astral travel! Cartomancy is one of my favorite thing to do! I have been reading tarot cards since the first day of me realizing who I was meant to be!