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I'm not a fan of my real name. I prefer to be called sariel.
I believe in magic. If you think you can help me with something contact me.
This world will bend and break you. It will chew you up and spit what's left back out. In life there are times when you let life push you down and walk over you. You have the choice to fall in line or stand up and get in it's way. This world will go to the unbroken, the tough, the fighters. This world will eventually become ours. It's up to us to determine who will really rule.
When people say step into the light I think why? The shadows comfort and sometimes protect. When in light people judge you.
I am in search of help if you think you are capable message me please.
Should you need help I will do my best to message you.
Do not message me about foolish ideals or something stupid.
I don't tolerate fools on the best of days. My patience wears thin when dealing with liars and fools.
If you have personal problems I'll talk to you and help you through it.
May your life be full of debauchery, temptation, lust.
May your pockets be internally full, your stomach filled, your passion tempered.
It is the immoral, the corrupt, and the sins of humanity that make living unique. Without these there would be no fun.
If I start saying things like we and our then that's my other personality.
I am a greedy man, If I see something I want I'll fight for it. I don't give up anything. Everything I want shall be mine.
All the evil in the world came from somewhere. It's up to us to decide if evil comes from the light or the dark.
Death is for the weak. Life is those who persevere though pain.
There is no good, no evil, no neutral paths. There are only paths. It is your actions on said paths that can make them good, evil, or both.
I also perform spells for people, if interested then message me and I will help you to the best of my abilities.