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I am a 27 yr old drudic pagan who has been in the arts since i was 13 i abide the three fold law and always will tend to do so. I write my own spells meditate a lot and even study into a lot of healing and white magic but will never delve into the dark arts i been their done it not for me. i use the moon the Goddess Luna to increase my potentency of my healing spells i use. I am very mannered and respect others of their beliefs no matter what i think like the saying says cant saying anything nice don't say anything at all. if anyone has any questions feel free to message i don't mind chatting or getting to know others of the same or different perspective. Blessed Be!!! I write my own stories and spells, im very friendly unless walked on or provoked, i am a white wolf furry just going to say that much but I'm respectful not to flaunt it around or shove it in peoples faces that I am a furry but if someone judges me I just tend to look the other way, their is a saying Judge "Not Less Then Be Judged", I am a tree hugger an i do love nature very much and every creature that walks this earth is adored and watched over by Gaia herself Mother Earth. I love hiking chatting with friends as well as making new friends, I am a very outdoorsy person, I lookout for my friends and family I'm very protective of them even my new friends that i make I'm protective of. each person is different and unique in each and every way no one thinks or does things the same everyone has different beliefs and love different things. does not make us any different we are all human beings. i may not be very old but I am very wise for my age an can try to answer any question am I right on all answers no probably not but i learn more as i go on and try to help others learn as i can. anyone is welcome to friend me.