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Name: spellsderp
Birthday: Mar 29 2004
Location: The astral plain
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 10 Jan 2022
Membership: Contributor

Personal Bio
I have been practicing my craft ever since I was 11.
Mastered crafts:
Wind elemental mastery
Healing and enchantment arts
Ki/chi techniques
Talking to dead people
Other info:
I’m not active all that much, but I can answer any questions needed
I don’t do very many readings but if it’s an emergency I’ll do my best
I’m still in school and planning my life, be patient with me
I don’t tolerate bs
I do what I do and don’t accept criticism
I’m just trying to live
Contact info:
Instagram: file.not.found.e.x.e
Snapchat: sketchyundrfire
Email: dexfirebrand@gmail.com
Have fun, witchcraft isn’t concrete.