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Hello people of SpellsofMagic! You can address me by the nickname I go with, which is: Vince

Here are some of my Interests, what I know and what I have been practicing for the past 4 years and am continuously mastering:
1. Energy Manipulation
2. Mythology: Ancient and Europe (Classical Antiquity, some of the British Isle and Northern Europe). Most of the mythologies falls under the Iron Age Period!
3. Empathy: There are a lot of moments I had this experience with the people around me.
4. Divination: Clair-Sentient(I have a bit of it) and Astrology
5. Shamanism: Interacting with Spirits and Entities
6. Astral Projection
7. Healing: Since I have learned first how to bring illness to people

I am also curious of the Dark Practices, although I am very mature about the subject and will be open to it only if it is needed.

I am easy to get along. You will find me very supportive in many ways and I often tend to be very protective if what we are talking about is safety and life.

And lastly, the path that I follow: Norse Paganism (Asatru)