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Name: Geirolf
Birthday: Feb 16 2000
Location: Ny,USA
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Hello anyone who decides to read this i am really interested in wolves and nature/earth magic. Also i am into learning about Norse mythology and really would like to learn more about anything that any one would like to teach The Hunters There were but two beneath the sky The thing I came to kill, and I. I, under covert, quietly Watched him sense eternity From quivering brush to pointed nose My gun to shoulder level rose And then I felt (I could not see) Far off a hunter watching me. I slowly put my rifle by, For there were two who had to die ? The thing I wished to kill, and I. -Author Unknown Daily Prayer of the Wolf I call to those whoe went before me for guidance to travel this days path I ask those who are yet to come what this holds for me Of Wolf and Man is what I seek I ask for the Wolf to be at one with the Man and for the Man to walk beside the Wolf I offer this prayer to the Spirits above and humbly ask for their divine help to live my life to the fullest and bring honor to myself and my people Spirit of the wolf, You who wanders the wild lands, You who stalks in silent shadows, You who runs and leaps between the moss-covered trees. Lend me your primal strength And the wisdom of your glowing eyes. Teach me to relentlessly track my desires And to stand in defense of those I love. Show me the hidden paths and the moonlit fields. Fierce spirit, Walk with me in my solitude, Howl with me in my joy and Guard me as I move through this world.