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I DO NOT FLIRT. I DO NOT CARE WHAT YOU THINK OF MY LOOKS OR PICTURE. I JUST CELEBRATED MY SECOND ANNIVERSARY WITH MY BOYFRIEND WHOM I LIVE WITH. THIS IS NOT A FREAKING DATING SITE. Of course this is going to go straight over the heads of anyone who just goes straight to messages after clicking on my picture but please take note if you see this. I am here to learn and to help others learn, I am not in the slightest bit interested in anything beyond magical talk, and I do not respond to messages that just say "hey" or "what's up", especially from guys, no offense. My pictures are there purely to prove that I am a real person who is who they say they are and no more. That being said, I really and truly enjoy conversation, and am open to all topics, whether I agree with you or your practice or not I will always respect your opinion, but in debates I'll argue a thing through until it's solved, or I'll agree to disagree and won't hold it against you in the slightest, sometimes something's just a matter of opinion. I'm 25, I'm Irish and I'm a solitary witch, practicing an eclectic style, mixing elements of Buddhism, traditional witchcraft, and quantum physics, you can mail me if you want to ask about it :) I've been practicing and researching magic for about 14 years now, I'm an outdoorsy type, a qualified kayaking and canoeing instructor (level 1 if it means anything to ya), I also love rock climbing and general outside stuff. I live in the countryside with my boyfriend and 4 cats, one of whom, Figaro, found me on the night of the Blood Moon last year. My limits on "fluffy" are not the same as other's limits, so if you have a genuine question that others have responded to with scorn or ridicule, then ask me. I'll help absolutely whenever and wherever I can. I love helping newbies and if you've a question, ask it :) Love, light and truth over all Deeja