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Name: CrimsonFlows
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I believe magic is like hypnosis, it works if you let it work. Which can be dangerous because say a demon is conjured, though you may not see it the idea is now there. The energy from that idea is very real and haunting, and in some cases damaging. My beliefs are limited by my experiences, and therefore I am open to most everything. I have a particular interest in the darker aspects of all things. The first incantation I tried was that to summon my spirit animal in my dreams. It worked, I learned my guardian is a grey wolf, which makes sense because I have always been very good with wild dogs. In my dream my wolf led me to a locked door, scratched on the door as if trying to lead me through the door, but the dream then ended and I awoke. I vividly remember this dream and every detail of it, which is uncommon considering in those I have more control. In this one all I could do was follow. Oh and I also make all kinds of music ^_-