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-Witch- -Art Student- -Avid Coffee Drinker- A Bit about myself: Hello! My Name is Tiana; you can call me Tia. I am a polytheistic pagan. I am a self taught artist and my favorite mediums are Paint and Pencil. I love dancing and going to small concerts. I have a small garden in my home and a wonderful pet cat named Alley. I practice witchcraft but, please, refrain from asking me to cast you a spell unless we are friends. I take spell work very seriously and rarely even do them for myself. I do rituals for holidays and other events such as a Full moon, New moon, Eclipses, Changing of season, etc. They're one of my favorite activities and feel free to ask me about them but remember everyone has their own path and not everything I do will feel right to you. I'm a generally nice person but, I do not want mail with just "hi" or "Sup Babe". Have a topic in mind and I'll respond with equally as long of a message. I like to talk about Divination, Wicca, stories of spells and rituals I've done, The Moon, and Dieties but, I am open to any new topic about magick. I have not dabbled in the Darker side of Magick so I won't have much to say when approached with that topic but I do enjoy talking about it. Areas of Practice: -Tarot -Scrying -Spell Casting -Energy Work -Crystal grids (Or most work with crystals) -Greek Mythology -Astral Projection -Lucid Dreaming -Communicating with Entities -Herbalism -Aura Reading -Healing Magick Things I Study: -"The Dark Arts" -Curses/Hexes/Binding -Kitchen Witchery Some Deities That I worship: Hecate Aphrodite Persephone Gaia -------------------------------------- Root: under-active (-31%) Sacral: over-active (69%) Navel: under-active (-19%) Heart: open (56%) Throat: over-active (81%) Third Eye: open (56%) Crown: open (38%)