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Name: 333byte.exe
Location: Munich germany
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I am a demonic/garden witch. I work with many herbs, but most of the spells I do are vampiric, or demonic spells. I follow many demons, more as mentors than gods though. I am 17 and am in the broom closet. I would love to communicate with someone who knows more about demons/demon practices in general.
I practice speaking to spirits, herbology, lucid dreaming, astral travel, Sigil magic, and I'm starting to learn tarot cards.
I am willing to trade your soul for altering your body, or life. But I am no demon or god, so I do have limits. I have helped 8 people so far. When You die you will go to my astral plane, and there you can create whatever you want, and everyone that has given me their souls will go there in the afterlife.