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Name: Enchantress2
Birthday: Jun 22 1921
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I am not new to this website, I found it about a year ago, and I really think it has taken over my life.
In a good way though. I have always believed in magic, and now after I have seen this
Website, I've learned many things, including there was a different spelling for magic: Magick. I have finally decided what my life dream is, and that is to become a master at Magick. I say that, but really, I prefer the term Enchantress. You can contact me if you have the same or similar dream, and we can go over the top to achieve it together.
Along with that, my cat is slowly dying of kidney failure, and I'm doing everything I can to heal him. If you have any suggestions on which spells that would heal him, I would very appreciate it. And if not, if you could help me look at spells that would make him love the last month or so of his life, I would be very gratefull. I know it is the wrong thing to do, as he is 16 years old, but I really love him.
I absolutely LOVE books. If you could contact me on what books you really liked, that would be AWESOME. Note: I like fantasy and magic books
I am testing one spell today, and I PROMISE that all of my spells will be COMPLETELY reliable and real.
I now have a lot more experience with magic, and most of the spells have worked. My cat is now great, so I think my only problems are my sisters!!
I am now wiccan, and I love everything I do. Please understand that I am not a satanist, and wicca is a nature-based religion that recognizes the right from the wrong. If you have any questions, I check my main often.
My cat is now healed!! I am so happy. I just have to realize that he will die eventually :(
I still love books. My fav is twilight.
I havnt made any new spells, I'm just trying to learn new ones!