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Name: Itami999
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I am lost and i am just wandering, i dont know what to do anymore

"No matter What happens Some memories can never be replaced"

"I'm being used to be ignored and rejected but why does it hurt so much?"

"I do Good things but I am not an angel, I do bad things But I am not a Demon"

"I want to become stronger and stronger and stronger and even stronger and even stronger than that and then I'll be able to protect anything... I wont have to lose ever again"

"Forgive yourself for what you aren't able to do,if you want to know who you are,you have to look at your real self and acknowledge what you see"

"Everyday I missed you,every second only you in my mind,Why I am losing you? I cannot live without you"

"This world we live in is a dream,The dream we have at night is in fact a true world"

"When your in fear it doesnt mean your afraid,it means that fear is your weakness"

"There is always a little truth behind "just kidding",A little knowledge behind "I dont know",A little emotion behind "I dont care",A little pain behind every "Im okay"