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Name: DreamAgain
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I am who I am Please Do not mail me with you want to turn into something !! You ARE HUMAN and always will be You will never Become a vampire or a werewolf EXC.. Do not mail me asking to do Love Spells I do not go against ones FREE WILL I also will NOT cast for you It is always better to do it your self I will Help direct you the right way :) *** I have been in this site for a long time I have studied Anthropology, folklore, astronomy... I have also studied herbs, spirits, arch angels, cleansing, healing and protecting, meditation,The Basics also Wicca .... I love to read so this is just a short list to give you a idea I have been practicing for over 10 years *** ~ learn from your life. ~ we all have something to learn. ~ find your inner person. ~ Be grounded and centered. ~ love your self and who you are. ~I have learned that life is tough, but I'm tougher. ~~~Bright Blessings all :)~~~