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Name: NalingBird
Birthday: Jan 27 2000
Location: Honua
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 24 Jun 2018
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Summer is Hot!!
Working on my Nature Spell book.
Working on new Herbal Products.

Quote/Song I like to go By:
"This Little Light of Mine, I'm gonna let it shine"
Through the Darkest of times
Let my Light Shine

Zodiac Signs:
Jan - Aquarius
Celtic - Cat
Chinese - Rabbit
Magically about me:
I have been practicing for 7 years-but I am a fast learning, so I have a lot of knowledge.
I am the NalingBird (short a) - Got the name from a Spiritual process.
I am a Neutral, Eclectic and Hespherian Witch.

Archangel: Chamuel
Type of Soul: Old
Spirit Animals: Crow, Cat, Tiger
Deties I work with:

Jesus ( Been with me from the Beginning. Although may not approve of me doing magic. He accepts who I am, and therefore helps me on my journey. And I believe he will be with me til the end-- I have Faith )
Mother Nature ( Beautiful she is. All around us and not just on this Earth. I trust her, and everything she offers -- never lets me down....I hope I never let her down)
Magic ( Magic is one of my close friends. Has been with me as well, helps me on my path. Respects my Desire. And I believe Magic will help me till the end of time. )

My Practices: ( Lets keep to what I commonly use, but I use whatever I need to, at the time )


Heswick ( My blood line/essence magic - there are techniques that go with this )
Divination/Divine Magic ( Involves of course Psychic, signs, symbols, connection, etc. )
Primal magic ( This is more about Intent/Desire, Visualization, Belief, Faith, and Trust. The energy that we contain without channeling anything except our energy and the connection we have)
Talismalial Magic ( Involves making a Talisman which channels your energy in one, throughout the body. Instead of using a Circle every timeto cast a spell. Works like a Charm .)
Balance Magic ( Both Light and Dark -- But Magic is Neutral )
Natural Magic and Nature Magic ( Mother Nature, Sun, Moon, Star, all 5 elements although I mostly use the 4, etc )
Energy Magic/Manipulation ( This involves a form of Chaos magic and Sorcery. Took me awhile to learn this. Still learning, because Sorcery is not an easy thing to accomplish -- Especially when you have no more connections/knowledgeable people who know it )
Crow Magic ( Involves the channeling of the crows, what it means, and the Dimension of the energy of them )

Have a great rest of your day. Safe travels. :)


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