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Name: DoomDesire
Birthday: May 27 1999
Location: Hell
Gender: Male
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Hey there. My name online is DoomDesire, and I am 18 years old. I live in Greece, in fact I myself am Greek. I have 6 years of experience in magick. Sadly and for a certain reason/problem, I have only 2 years of practical experience though. I came to this site mostly to talk about magick and acquire information and knowledge, and perhaps make some friends. And perhaps solve this...problem I mentioned earlier.

I am not religious, but you could say that my faith is pagan-based, since I almost completely disregard the Judeo-Christian and Islamic view of things and personally believe that there is more truth at some extend in the old ways and the other religions but of course, I don't mind if you believe the opposite. If I would ever choose to worship a deity, I would probably choose one from the Mesopotamian pantheon. This won't be happening soon however, since I am not particularly interested in worshipping. But anyway.

My Sun sign is Gemini, my Moon sign is Scorpio and my Ascendant Sign is Virgo.

I am homosexual. I am not saying this to show it off, but to help me and others like me to gain visibility. Don't like? Buzz off.

Fields I am interested in:

Black Magic (I don't believe that magic can be labeled with colors but whatever)

White Magic

Energy Manipulation

Psychic Vampirism/Leeching Energy

Planet Magic

Chaos Magic


Sigil Magic


Tarot Reading


Spell Breaking

Spell Reversing


Well I guess that's it. If you want to learn anything else about me, just ask. BUT. Let's make some things clear first:

1)I will NOT turn you into a vampire/werewolf/tooth fairy, a chupacabra or a cat-dragon hybrid(although that would be cute).

2)I will NOT cast spells for you. For personal reasons.

3)I will NOT tolerate any short of flaming or hate. If you are rude, threaten me, demand something or spam then I will just tell you to go make really passionate love with a cactus and proceed to block you. Simply as that.

If you send me a message, make sure it doesn't just say "hi how are u". If it does, then see #3 to know what shall happen beforehand.

And last of all, NO MEANS NO. Don't bother me if I refuse to do something. You wouldn't want someone doing the same to you. Having said those things, if you want to message me about something that is not on the list above, you are absolutely welcome. If you want to, you can talk to me about anything and everything, magic-related or not. Hell, I can even be your diary if you want. Just make sure that you do not do anything I listed above.

Otherwise you had better prepare that cactus.

Have a nice day. :)