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Hullo! My name is Sierra, although my username says Sasha, please call me Sierra. I've joined SoM a year and some time ago. I found SOM on accident but it sparked my interest although I didn't commit to it. Doing more research than before, I've noticed that Wicca just feels right for me and I've decided to commit to it. I'm looking to learn more about the religion. I've got my Book of Shadows already with a few notes regarding information I'll need to remember. Money is extremely tight in my household so I'm not able to purchase the things I need just yet, but I am working on finding a job with a steady income. If anybody has any advice, please don't hesitate to message me! It'll take me a while to answer due to internet problems but I'll always answer. I'd like to learn: -Meditation -Numerology -Tarot -Astrology -Everything crystal and herb related -Healing Magick -Fae Magick -Norse Mythology -Egyptian Mythology -Clairvoyance Enhancing -Lucid Dreaming Blessed Be. |SierraMarie|