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Name: kavrozuma
Birthday: Apr 27 1966
Location: oakdale connecticut
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Not such a newbie anymore. I have been reading all I can find on Wicca/Pagan subjects. I have figured out that I may be more inclined to a Green Witch state of mind. More of a solitary bent. I also lean more to a Druidic belief set, in that I feel close to nature, mostly the Sea in my case. I have feelings of wanting to be near the water as well as the forest. I am learning about growing my own herbs and plants do well for me.

Tarot has become a learning experiencethat I am gratefulto my daughter for introducing me to. I was using a book, and she taught me to really listen to the cards and get the meaningof the spread.

Have not as of yet set up an altar in my house, but that is in the planning stages.