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Name: S3CR3T_S0UL
Birthday: Apr 14 2001
Location: East Texas
Gender: Female
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Well hi there

Name: Ella


SO: Bisexual

Sadly I am an athiest(wished I wasn't but I can never get into believing.), I am not homophobic, I am not racist, and if you come to me and talk bad about a person of a different race, sexuality, religion, ect. You're getting yourself blocked because I don't tolerate idiots. I am not as experienced as others but I wish to be, I don't have much knowledge of magic but I am trying and willing to learn.

Regarding Photos and Messages: They are private. Do not ask me to take, share, or send inappropriate photos because I won't.
(not sure why'd you want me to in the first place.)
Now for messages....

  • Please have a subject so I know what to expect
  • Treat me the way you would want to be treated and I'll do the same, if you don't you're going to be blocked