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Name: SnowyMavis
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If you are dragonkin please mail me on this site or message me on kik (my name is BlossomSoul)
Hello there, you may call me Mavis.
I write spells a lot, but it's very rare for me to share them. They are all specifically made for me. However, if you have any spell requests, feel free to message me, but you better give me a good reason to why I should waste my time on you.
~My practices~
Weather magick (mainly the air element)
Draconic magick
Candle magick
Kitchen magick (new to this with limited knowledge)
Reading tea leaves (new to this as well)
Tarot cards
I am somewhat knowledgeable in love magic, but I do not like to teach or use it. Someone's will should never be altered because of your own desires.
Now, many have called me an Earth Angel/Light Worker several times. I do not know why, and if you know what this is, please message me. After some research, I discovered that they basically are here to help protect the world against humans, correct me if I'm wrong. Still though, I'd like some confirmation.
Aplogies if I come off as rude, antisocial or intimidating, but I'm nice deep down, I promise. So don't let any of that stop you from asking questions.
Anyway though, feel free to message me any questions, but no simple conversation starter attempts, such as 'hi'. I don't like having my time wasted.
These moments are your fault, I'm losing a rigged battle
Why can't I see the colours you see?
This trembling fear is more than I can take
Words were the only proof I had that you were real, and I still believed.