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Name: NekoMasky
Birthday: Jun 3 2004
Location: Tennessee
Gender: Female
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Hi My name is Toby. I am new to Magic and am hoping to practice and get better at it. I don't try to summon demons yet being pretty young... But any involving eye color or wing spells, I'm up for.


The picture on my profile is me. [I'm wearing a headband] ?


I've tried to runaway twice before. The second time i was so close. After that, I looked into satanism, but i hope you christians and other religious people won't juge me for that. I'm a drummer in training and i LOVE anime. My dream is to fly. I want to be free, no, i NEED to be free. anyways, that aside, I practice a variaty of magic, and hope i can make friends with you all.