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Name: Erishia
Birthday: Jul 19 1998
Location: In a world full of wonders
Gender: Female
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I don't have to say hello, and obviously I don't actually cast or use spells, but I have this talent of mine seeing other's future or dreams but still I'm practicing and learn to figure out what I could actually do. I know I'm gifted well, everyone is gifted and unique in different ways. I am joining this site or in the Spells of Magic to discover something new. I want to learn a lot about creating magic..Hopefully I can pass in every challenges that will be given to me.. I belong to Water Element.. I've been practicing on -Aura reading -element controlling -summoning -dream telepathy -telekinesis People found me weird sometimes, because they told me that I was having a doppel ganger and they saw her in some places, well, for me its not weird because my mother has her own doppelganger but not human.. It is sort of an invisible creature.. Maybe that's all I can share? I Gotta find some enhancement on my own.. I hope I can have more friends in here ..thank you :-) Don't send me a message without a subject :/ And DON'T DARE TO FLIRT WITH ME OR I'LL BLOCK YOU