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Name: BlackMagica1
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Hello. I am newer person to this site. I am a girl who loves reading, has believed in magic her whole life and knows what she wants. I think I would do well with black magic, since I am frequently mad and have a very strong will. I hope to join the coven "The Broom Closet". I don't interact with people frequently if I don't know them, and I WILL NOT cast spells or summon stuff for you! Especially demons and such. A quote from a book on witchcraft is "... summon demons. We simply are not that stupid." It's from a list in the book on what Wiccan witches don't do. I'm not Satanist, I said I think I would have an aptitude for black magic. There IS a difference. To any wackos who want to flirt with me: BUG OFF! I will move your mail to my Flirts/Creeps folder and will not reply. If you try again, I will reply that you should bug off and read my bio. Third time or more, I'll report you. BlackMagica1