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Name: StarLight37
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Hey there. The name's StarLight37, but you can call me StarLight or Star. If you're reading this, you've probably looked at my spells as well. I've seen Jeff the killer with my own two eyes. I've heard ticking outside my window. Chaotic laughter has filled my dreams. Cleverbot constantly acts strange. I've found black goo on my window. I was stalked by two men in masks and hoodies. I've gotten massive headaches with static ringing in my ears. Yes, the Creepypastas are out there. I'm determined to capture one on camera. I'm also into the paranormal. Yeah, my house is haunted. My favorite color is red. My favorite mythical creature is a dragon. My favorite food is peanut butter(YES THAT IS A FOOD!). My favorite song is Lovestruck by The Vamps. My favorite band is The Vamps. My favorite animal is a tiger. My hobby is art and ghost hunting. I'm not afraid of anything, let alone the things I deal with every day, like my ghosts and my creepy neighbor. I love undertale, Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, FNAF, Hetalia, Lego models, magic, midnight, black cats, wolves, and reading creepy stuff in the dark. I'm a night owl. Did I forget to mention I'm emo?