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Name: SMOR3S
Birthday: Mar 15 1993
Location: Ohio, USA
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 27 Jun 2016
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Personal Bio
My name is Kevin, I am 22, and I am a musician, which is my passion. I have been producing, and making music for 9+ years now, electronic, and acoustic, which acoustic being my main focus now. I love traveling, and playing shows. Some of my other hobbies are skateboarding, making awesome coffee, and gaming.
Some of my music projects from 2009 till now:
Malex, Allorium, SMOR3S, and currently my acoustic project Finding Kites.
Favorite Colors: Purple, Red, Blue, Black, and White
Favorite Movies: Any Disney Movies
Favorite Drinks: Coffee, Water
Favorite Bands: Mayday Parade, The Wonder Years, Go Radio
Favorite Video Games: League of Legends, Counter-Strike (Series)