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Name: ShadowWolf88
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Hello there, My name's Nathan.

I am a Solitary Wiccan; I deal in druidcraft learning in both arts and still learning as far as I can without the verbal teachings. I'm into a lot of things that involve different realms. I've delved into deep learning about Odin's Runes to further my knowledge and how to use them correctly. I'm also learning, studying, and acquiring certain Seals of Solomon. I like to learn all that I can to protect those that I care about and help those in need. I'd like to meet new people and have friends here that understands the path thatare new or old. Blessed be.


  1. Runes-------------------------------11. Demonology
  2. Seals of Solomon-----------------12. Necromancy
  3. Protection---------------------------13. Clairvoyant
  4. Spiritual---------------------------14. Herbalism
  5. Meditation
  6. Astral projection
  7. Elemental Kingdoms
  8. Binding
  9. Banishing
  10. Realms

Native Spirit Animal : Wolf

Guardian : Dragon

Chinese Zodiac :Dragon

Druid Horoscope : Maple- The Independent

Celtic Tree : Ivy- The Survivor

The stuff that interest me when i have spare time is Anime,Video Games (360 or the One), Cooking (Grilling), and reading (mostly Fantasy). I'm a Med Ret. Vet.I also keep to myself most of the time unless I have questions to ask or if others ask me questions that I may be able to answer. If you just want to say,"hi or sup" thats fine if you just want to chat.

Its sad to see bulling and people that don't understand others to be taken so far .

I will not give or do spells for you. I will help you by pointing you in the right direction.

There's always Darkness in everyones heart, some fear it, some try to get rid of it, and some embrace it. I've embraced mine to the fullest and accepted my demon contract. The thrive in chaos is very intriguing to me and makes me smile.

Some Helpful Advice:

  1. Starting Out:
  2. The Basics Expanded:
  3. Visualization:
  4. Ground and Centering:
  5. The Elements:
  6. Magical Correspondences:
  7. How to Write your own Spells:

If you have any Questions you can ask me or the Forums! Get everyones opinion.