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Hello there ^_^ I'm Avianna/Avi. I'm 19 years old from South Asia. There are lots of things I want to learn. My interests include: Grounding Centering Creating chi ball Elementary magick Energy manipulation Telekinesis Telepathy (through dreams) Candle magick Chakra Third eye opening Contacting with jinns. My religion is a bit complicated. If you wanna know about it, inbox. If you wanna chat about anything, inbox. I love mails! Personal info about me: I love music. Lana del rey, marina and the diamonds, poets of the fall, Melanie Martinez, halsey etc alternative rock artists and bands are my fav. I love t.v. series. I take an interest about anything. I don't paint or draw but I love art. Love life: sorta kinda in a relationship. Yup I'm serious about him If you wanna add me on Facebook, kik, snapchat, tumblr, ask me for my ID! I'm looking for guidance. I would love to join a group where I can learn something. Even if it's on a social media. Blessed be )o( Peace and love.