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Event: Ostara

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DarkRemedies's Profile

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Name: DarkRemedies
Birthday: Oct 21 1994
Location: PA
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 13 Jun 2016
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
"The Devil is not as black as he is painted." ~Devil May Cry 5 This is my second profile. The other profile was gagged so I made a new one. My name is Amira. I am twenty one years old. Some fun facts about me are that I am a gamer(PS4), I am Romanian, I love to write poetry and short novels, I am in college for psychology and plan to be the best damn psychologist known to man, I love animals but I am terrified of spiders, I am very friendly and I love to meet new people and make new friends, I love anime, I have claustrophobia, I can handle intense heat but not the cold, I have traveled quite a lot(I have been to France, Romania, and Canada), I am accepting of all religions and backgrounds, I am not racist homophobic or sexist, I am a little bit of a feminist, I am a very neutral person when it comes to disagreements, I love roses, I wish I could redo my life sometimes, I am a hopeless romantic, I love all kinds of music except country, and I work two jobs. I am going to be blunt and say that I really dislike stupid people and I do not have the patience for ignorance. I am new to this website and I am curious as to what this site is about. I am very open minded and I am mainly on here to help those in need whether it is spiritually related or non spiritually related circumstances. I am open to talk about anything and I am unbiased. No I am not a Wiccan nor do I know much about magic. I have a general knowledge about different aspects of the magical/spiritual world such as black and white magic, demonic beings, spirits, and some knowledge of psychic vampires. I used to know a couple of spells, but sadly I have lost touch with my spirituality and my goal is to try and bring it back and I am looking for someone to help me achieve this goal. However, even though I may not exactly fit the part of this community I have a thirst for knowledge and I am interested in learning more about magic and the different forms of it. So please refrain from calling me a noob. Everyone experiences different phenomena and has different abilities that make them unique from others around them. My ability is that I am able to communicate with spirits and demons. Some of you are probably asking yourselves "Well why did you say you lack a spiritual connection?" Well to answer your question, I am trying to speak to someone that is not of the living. Unfortunately, my ability that I have is still there, but its not as strong as it used to be. I am trying to find someone who can help me strengthen my ability again so that I can speak to the person I am seeking out. I don't follow a certain religion. I do not follow a certain cult. I am a lone wolf trying to find the answers to the many questions that pick at her brain every day. I got a little poetic there aha. If you have a demon or a spirit that has attached itself to you and you need help, please feel free to message me. I will do the best I can to help you. Also I enjoy talking about various topics other than topics relating to magic and such. So feel free to message me and talk about anything. I'm a very open minded individual. Respect my views and Ill respect yours.