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Name: Lilly6
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Ita. Sar'shan? I'm Lilly, an "Of the Blood" Drabani, "Daughter of the Moon," and Chivani of a Kumpania descending from 2 ancient bloodlines: Roma and Irish Traveler flavored with Cherokee. GYPSY AND PROUD! Born into "The Way"and bearing the "Mark of Three," I was taught the "The Old Ways" of Arcane Magick from birth. I live my life to honor my ancestors.I have spent my life studying arcane magick, herbalism ,occult practices, spirituality, the mind, and many other subjects. I'm a freelance writer, an artist, and I make very unique jewelry. I'm currently in the process of launching my "Groovy Gypsy" online brand and freelance writing platform. I am a seeker of knowledge, for knowledge truly is power.... Happy Crafting, Powerful Casting, Life Everlasting! Rum tum bi salama!