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Angel_kin's Profile

Member Info
Name: Angel_kin
Location: anywhere but home
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 18 Jul 2016
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
I have lonely nights, so if I message you please don't be offended.. I am a clairvoyant and an empath. I like to use pendulums to help guide me to discover things. I also am an Angelkin of a multiple system. I am in the furry community as well. I was awakened as a lost angel, but I fount my way out of that curroption due to a sense of belonging. I have pics of my kin in my gallery on here if you wish to see them I've made my gallery public. Feel free to do so. Please do not ask me of abilities... don't ask me if I am an angel from heaven. I am an angel reincarnated into a human body. Please don't ask me questions that will make me say "Oh lawd these questions" however if so I will correct them and stop talking to you if irrelevant or illogical. *Root: open (56%) *Sacral: open (62%) *Naval: open (69%) *Heart: open (56%) *Throat: open (56%) * Third Eye: open (62%) *Crown: open (62%) If I had to be an anime character that I most resemble, I see myself being lord sesshomuru. He has his own judgement of right and wrong, he is not seen as good nor evil, he follows by his own logic. I like to study Greek and Norse patheons. (Know more of Greek than Norse however but I would like to strengthen my knowledge on the Norse patheon) the God/goddess I go to is Athena and Helios. I feel a strong bond with them. My element is air, air is the element of wisdom and knowledge. I practice with using all sorts of elements however. But air is my strength. My animal spirit is a deer. Deer is animal tot of gentleness and grace, however the horns on the deer represent that I am not defenseless.. you receive the deer animal spirit from following the path of your heart. Slowly loosing my sanity due to recent events and dealing with a broken heart. Still coping with everying before I can help other people at the moment. The girl you left due to an attachment, she has abandonment issues cause of no father figure. The girl you called ugly, she tries to wear masks so ppeople can accept her. The girl you bullied today, she went home and slit her wrists. The boy you said was a cry baby, has to work two jobs to support his family. The boy you called a looser, he's loosing his mother to cancer.. you think you know these people but you don't. Don't judge and stay kind to others cause it's the ones who are in pain who can offer you the most to teach. Interests and studying: astral projection, psi balls, healing, herbalism, cartomancy (jacks queens kings, ect) divinity, elemental magic, candle magic, crystal/stone magic. DO NOT FLIRT WITH ME!! DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SEXT ME!! I am very shocked at the play as and perverts on this site. You know who you are a d shame on you! Lots of pain at night... I've beein used, I've been hurt, I've had ppl pass, and so on, all within the past late December... I wish to find a way to heal from those wounds easier... I hear voices in my head at night, it only happens when I'm alone or the only one awake, sometimes they speak of kind jokes and usual conversations sometimes of more scary things. I believe it's different people or spirits contacting me however the connection isn't clear they do tend to stutter.. however none have seem to have laid a finger on me nor my family that I know of, so I feel like I have to listen and learn for now...