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Name: Swagaroo
Location: stoneybridge
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Hi who ever is reading this, I'm swagaroo. Well that's not my real name but that's what you can call me. I like black magic I find it interesting but I don't do it, there's no reason to do so. I'm single and think love is gross, I have a cat named callie and a sister named wolf. P.S. Yes wolf is her REAL name. No joke. After our mom died we got split up. I went and lived with my aunt ( And still do ) and she went into foster care. We don't see each other very often, but I do see her at school. Her foster parents put her in the same school as me without realizing. I have 2 bffs and 1 friend. Bff #1 is Alex. I've known him since grade 1. Bff #2 is Rana. I met her in grade 5 in my new school. Then my 1 friend is Jordan. She lives not far from my house and she's a POP! ( P.S. A pop is a popular girl.) My mom died on oct. 21st 2014. I was 9. Her name was Annette. And after that things got worse. I found out that my dad was and still is a bad man. Then I was sent to school. My first day was what they call t. day. The t stands for test. So all day I had to do tests and I got a big fat F on all of them. Then guess what happend next. I made a friend. You might think it's good but it's bad. She loved rainbows and all that. And she fell in love with every nice guy she met. EWW!