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This is the new account for mistake2 Old friends send me a message!! Eclectic hedge witch. I don't teach. And werdio66651 is my sister so if you disrespect her you disrespect me. Be mature when talking to me or don't talk to me at all. And please don't ask me to do love spells in any way i mean it! Also I only do spells for my friends so please don't ask. Quotes that I like .don't underestimate some one because you don't know all of them all of there motives there thoughts maybe feelings you know. But don't just say you know some one when you did not ask your self that question do you know all of them?~me Their is pain in everything but pain can be beauty and their is beauty in everything~me Enjoy the little things in life because one day you will look back and realize there were the big things~unknown I am made up of two worlds one in which I exist to hold every one together and the other were I watch my self constantly fall apart.~k.piper To be beautiful means to be your self. You don't need to be accepted by others you need to accept your self.~thich nhat hanh. Confidence is not they will like me. Confidence is il be fine if they don't.~unknown It's my skin I can cut,burn,twist,peel,grab,destroy it all i want,but I'm stuck with it.i can never escape it might as well accept it.~unknown Don't judge my choices when you don't know my reasons~unknown hi my name is melissa and i have been into the practice for 3 years. i love spiritual work that has have worked for me. i love animals and i don't hurt people with the craft thats my choice.i love to make friend s because we all deserve a friend.and i love movies especially horror and i use spell caster or witch but i like spell caster better. oh and i can see the future some time s .- make each moment count because we won't get it back.:) When you meet some one and want to get to know them are you going to dive deep to see who they really are or do you just like the scenery? my magic name is Mesa but you can call me Mesa,Melissa,Mel or moonshine Element- earth,fire,wind, Spirit animal-3 -mouton tiger, Pelican,frog Influences-moon goddess and sun god Horoscope- virgo Abilities- empathic, indigo child, foresight, Clairsentience,shaman and one more (secret) For the people I know don't give out personal information about me if some one wants to know they can come talk to me.Its not your job to give out my personal information that includes any thing. Some thing s I don't tell for a reason and you need to respect that thank you. And for the people that want to know just send me a message. For the people who are sad,depressed,lost "when there is a will there is way" you have the power over your mind your body and soul, your biggest demon is yourself. As quickly as you built the demon up you can tare it down, for it is the negative side of you it will always be their. but like anything it can't hurt you if you don't let it, for you have the light in the dark. Blessed be )0(