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Hey, I'm AbaddonAnael, and I'm 14 years old, but don't let that deter you from asking me questions. You can call me Abaddon or Anael, I don't care. I've been Pagan for a little over a year now, and i've been practicing magick for that long as well. I'm also an omnitheist. Feel free to contact me, I'm always up for a good discussion. I'm not sure if I qualify as a teacher but you can come to me anytime you need help. I practice some dark magick but balance is key.

I'm a therian, specifically a caracal and pronghorn therian. Therianthropy is when you identify as an earthly animal. It can be spiritual or psychological. Contact me if want to know more. :)

I have a golden eagle spirit guide, who has not yet revealed their name to me yet. They appeared to me in several dreams, helping me with problems that presented themselves in my life.

Things I should study:

  • demonology?
  • astral travel
  • the basics (always!)
  • storm and chaos magic
  • working with deities