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Hello my name is des but evryone calls me wiccan. ive been practicing magic for five years. About six years ago i discovered i can make weird stuff happen objects disappear,the dead ressurect,visions that always came true. so i went to an occult shop and they said i have the makings of a powerful wiccan and a year later i decided i should try it out.i have the powers of telekinesis,temporal stasis,premonition,i can absorb the abilities of others for a limited time (10 minutes),and i have resontly developed the power of weather control. i work for the forces of light.i dabble in the forces of darkness which is fine because as the the wiccan rule states "if it harm none do what ye will" ima nice guy. i have a brother who with two others we formed the coven of the silent ones who are the wielders of the four elements and we protect whoever we can from the dark forces that bind. i owe my life to magic it has saved my skin more than once: Heart to thee Body to thee, Now And Forever so Mote it Be Recently, after losing my powers, a new one has come. i can now absorb energy, and chakra from any living source,as well as use astrokinesis which is basically the power to control portions of space and time.