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I am Simon Kalimanus, shaman, wizard, and archmagus of the High Path of Wizardry. Those closest to me call me the Captain. I have been studying magick for 30 years, since, as a child, my brother initiated me into the shamanic path by introducing me to my spirit guide. Since then, I have achieved a Master's degree in theology, performed exorcisms, been a paranormal investigator, a police consultant, and used my knowledge and talents in a variety of other ways.

I practice my own path of magick, as I believe one cannot find true magick if they search for it in the experience of someone else, but rather must turn their spiritual eyes inward. I formed the High Path of Magick to help others learn how to find this path for themselves. I have studied a number of topics throughout the years, but I notice many people on here try to keep a list of things they can help with, so here's mine:

Topics of Knowledge
-Theology, primarily Judeo-Christian
-Entheogens / Psychonautics
-Occultism (general knowledge)
-History of Magick
-Ritual / Ceremonial Magick
-Divination (cartomancy, tassomancy, scrying, necromancy/mediumship, pendulum, oracle)
-Inscription / Sigilism
-Spell and Ritual Design
-Spiritology / Demonology
-Voodoo / Native-Indigenous Folk Magick
-High Magick
-Familiar Magick
-Invocation / Evocation
-Astral Projection / Meditation / Visualization / Reiki / Astral Magick
-Supernatural / Paranormal investigation

If it's not in here, it isn't in my scope of practice, but I have enough study and experience under my belt that I may still be able to help you.

I am always taking on apprentices. Check out my blog (listed above as my website) for more info.

I'm willing to offer ritual and oracle (Tarot, mostly), but only if I feel a connection to you and your need, so give me as much detail about your request as possible if you expect to get a response to a request to perform these services. I normally will not respond to requests for exorcism unless there is some hardcore proof that an exorcism is needed.

I will reply to people asking for help for "fluffy" issues. However, know this in advance: you will never turn into a vampire or werewolf or what-have-you on THIS plane of existence. I can show you how to take on the psychological aspects of these creatures and implement them in your daily life, but you will never grow fangs and claws and be able to disappear into mist or a cloud of bats!