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Name: lamedecaying
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I am an artist that is currently interested in spells and energy and that sorta stuff. You can call me Cas!! Feel free to follow my IGs: artficialbanana (art) and kubokid (personal)!! Also I?m taken (happily married!) --- Zodiac: Capricorn Sun, Virgo Moon, Gemini Rising Favorite Color: Green Magick: Candle, Crystal, Dream, Herbal, Healing, Protection, and Nature magick. Likes: spring, gardening, nature, plants!! Dislikes: When people think cutting is cool (??? like forreal, it's not cool. at all. please seek medical help, its unhealthy and dangerous), when people romanticize mental illness (mental illness is not cool. they're serious conditions that people suffer from on a daily basis. if you think you have a mental condition such as depression, please see a doctor for your own sake. please please please! Life can be rough, and if you need anyone to talk to please feel free to message me!), when people threaten to cast hurtful spells (remember the Three-Fold rule!) --- FAQ Q: Can you draw me? A: Not for free. Q: Can you draw me something? A: Not for free!! Q: Can you give me some art tips? A: Gladly! If you want to talk about art, feel free to contact me. Q: Can you help me with magic? A: No, I am learning it myself. And truthfully, I probably am not the person you should be asking..