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Name: zimalia510
Birthday: May 25 1986
Location: California
Gender: Female
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"The Clairvoyant and Crafty Gemini of White Magick"

profile. My Wiccan name is Zimalia and I have dedicated my heart, mind, and soul to the Wiccan practice as of October 1st, 2015. Brought up in a strict Christian foundation, I've always had the feeling that my teachings were incomplete. I've overcome fear of Christian curiosity to discover that the Wiccan practices and teachings are what my life has been missing to achieve balance and true acknowledgement of what makes up our world. I fear no evil.

I'm very crafty. With a BFA degree in Fashion Design, I illustrate and construct garments, dabble in photography, make homemade cold-process soaps and my own alter tools/talisman/statues/jewelry. Goddess and God gave me my talent so I'd better use them! Feel free to check out a little bit of my work at natashasimpson.crevado.com.

Thus far I practice Tarot, candle magick, I craft bottle charms and make mojo bags. I use herbal tea spell mixes and create purpose body oils for self healing and healing of others. I use Elder Futhark Rune in my BOS and created my own stone alphabet set. I've began pendulum reading, made my pendulum and reversible pendulum disck...I'm very crafty with the craft so much that I get absorbed in it. My familiars are the turtle and the wolf and I have experience caring for both, from life to death.

On this site I hope to achieve a better understanding of the practice. I wish to seek knowledge to begome closer to Goddess and God as well as be able to identify spiritual demons. Knowing thy enemy is the best way to keep them at bay. I would love to reach my full Wiccan potential so that I may help others as well as myself.

"Crashing and burning my stomach constantly turning,

Not knowing when or if ever all my long nightmares will end.

Hiding past sorrows I thrive off every tomorrow,

Not knowing when or If ever my destined journey begins.

Building foundations with Goddesse's and God's creations,

Trying to create the future intended for me to live,

Hoping like crazy as though there's no one to save me,

Striving to muster up love intended for me to give.

Raging like fire running away from the liar,

That's still trapped deep down inside me with no emotional vent,

My heart overloaded and then my spirit exploded,

So now I'm sitting here wondering where my sanity went."

Natasha Marie Simpson 2003

Blessed Be!