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Name: BellaGrace03
Location: Hull, England
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I am twenty years old and have been a practising Wiccan since I was thirteen.
I am an Eclectic Wiccan and a Soft Polytheist (a person who believes all Deities are one.)
I practise Sea Witchcraft and Angelic Witchcraft.
I will give you an Oracle reading if you wish.
I believe that although Religion's lead us to a relationship with the Divine, they are not the Divine themselves.
Monotheism by inclusion is where many Deities (or all)have merged into one for cultural or political reasons etc. All names either become equal or you find one name will become the one you use. I recognize all Deities are one, and if you read to more on this I suggest path of a Christian witch by Adeline St. Clair.