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Name: Revelated
Birthday: Nov 27 2000
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Hail To The Satan 666


Important note: Iam a Theistic Satanist !

It's all in your head, your sex and your dope is all that you were fed, So all your protest, put them in bed.

About me:

Iam kind, honest, respectful, open-minded, loner person. I like to listening music, I love body building, reading book, studying of school lessons, and Iam here for learn witchcraft, magic, spells and other things. I will write them below. I don't like going out very much, laughing, stupid words and I really hate to being rude. But I'm a happy and non-depressed person too. I know a little about Kick-Box. I love classical music, but also I really love black, gothic, death, heavy metal, rock, trap.. Especially Marilyn Manson and Arctic Monkeys are of my favourites. Iam a big fan of Betthoven and Chopin. I'm white and I have light brown eyes, dark hair. I'm not a dark person but I appreciate the darkness more than light cause I'm alone with myself in darkness and I prefer the night's forces and power.

Iam a perfect gamer. My favourite is The Division:) I don't know everything about english. I can write wrong words and use wrong grammar.

About magic and other specials:

  • Chackras
  • Meditation, a lot kinds and techniques of meditation
  • Dark magic
  • Astral projection
  • Lucid dreaming
  • Telekinesis
  • Satanic witchcraft
  • I like to search and learn about Paganism, Wicca and many things about Witches and Witchcraft's history.
  • Theistic Satanism.
  • Some world religions like Buddhism, Islam, Christianity.
  • Enochian, people may knowing this as '' Dead Language''.
  • Demonology.
  • Vampires, werewolves and other non-human existings
  • I want to study about Lucifer. If somebody can help me I will appreciated.

I'm trying to work on these things. But I'm open to new discoveries. My knowledge has no limit.

I don't like for some reasons. Don't message me about it !

Iam a successfull student. I have many ideas about my future. But also Iam serious on this world. This path. Iam focusing on both my normal life and magickal things. Iam learning mostly. Iam searching, learning about my magickal workings and discoveries.

"All demons ride high upon the bewitching Nightsky"

"They are only disturbed by a newborn child's painful cry"


If you don't believe in supernatural world, this is your own idea. I won't change my ideas. There are too many people doesn't believe in them. I always respect them. Also don't message me for turn you and don't message me about Hollywood things.

I want to explain something. Real satanism has nothing with dark, death, evil, sacrifice, worrying, suiciding and supernatural world ! If somebodt reading this or will read, I will be very honest. I can't ignore the fact that I prayed to false gods for maaany times and I couldn't become happy, succesfull... I started to live like a sadistic atheist. Depressed, intented to suicide... But I discovered this holy religion. I learned it, I accepted it. I suddenly realized that Satan is always helping me, hearing my heart's voices, giving me strenght, live energy, helping me for become more succesfull, anytime, anywhere, any situation, My Real Creator God Heard Me. He took away my pain, suffering, tears... and made me to see my life and see the light. Now I am walking on that lighted way and I'm very happy.

An advice; Search what do you want to know. Search-Analyze-Learn and increase your personal knowledge. Mind can be trained, trained, trained. Iam always learning new things and I love discovering. I want to share my experiences and knowledge and help, so If you have problems or If you want to learn things I'm here and I want to help as well as I can. But I am not a teacher.

I'm not here for dating. I never loved a girl before and I won't love in future. I don't think that human nature has love. "Love" must be deleted from people's (especially teens) minds. I see other girls as nothing. I only caring about my close friends, family and my God. So please stay away If you intented to date with me ! But I become very sensitive sometimes, trying to look for girls and talk with them:)

I have to have say these; Please put a subject and introduce yourself first if you wanna mail me. Stop directly talking about whatever you want. If you wanna ask about Demonology or If you just wanna talk or need help (Stop asking help for stupid things I won't ask Satan for give you what do you want) put a subject, introduce yourself and I will reply as quickly as I can. You can't call me cocky or angry cause of my personality I'm pretty suspicious!