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Name: StardustSoul
Birthday: Feb 5 1999
Location: Canada
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Healer of Hearts and Soother of Souls~~~

I have been here before and dearly wish to avoid the drama. I am simply here to read tarot cards and give advice and solace to those who seek it. ~

*I have a terrible habit of leaving my account online, I'm not ignoring you I'm probably sleeping*

If you would like a card reading, tarot or oracle, please contact me and we can work out the details, medium readings are also available <3

I am 18 and have been studying since I was 11 with my aunt and mother. I do elemental magic and energy healing.. I will go by Maeve while I'm here and I prefer they/them pronouns.

In my personal life I am a musician and writer. I work as a youth project coordinator and a sex educator. ~~If you need someone to talk to I am always willing to listen <3 Love be with you~~

You are a child of the Universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here~

Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt~

The sun will rise and we will try again~

Things I can help with:

reaching out to your spirit guide, communicating with spirits around you, offering insight to your future, and many more!


I have a business where people buy spells and readings from me, if I bring it up I am not trying to make you buy stuff from me simply state that I have it. I ENCOURAGE you to find free options and will often help you find free options. I will not apologize for making money for me to live on especially when I do not perform transactions on here unless you specifically ask for my payed business. Thank you.