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Name: Volkhardt
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I enjoy a great deal of things. Fantasy, mythology, etc. Very open minded and will try almost anything at least once. I like to write, draw, read, cook, learn, and am generally almost always a positive person. If you want to talk to me then feel free to message. Can't say when or if I'll always respond immediately or not, it just depends on if I have time to or not. I'm always willing to help wih problems in any category if I can. "Time waits for no man, it delivers us all equally to the same end." -Persona 3 "There's a darkness inside everyone, what we do with it is not determined by the teachers we have but by the lessons we learn." Chakra Root: (-6%) Under Active Sacral: (-62%) Under Active Naval: (56%) Open Heart: (-6%) Under Active Throat: (25%) Open Third Eye: (12%) Open Crown: (44%) Open Elements Fire: (33%) Water: (27%) Earth: (20%) Air: (20%)