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Name: Tim72
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I've studied many topics,I'm currently a student of Tarot.as I will always be.i use the Waite Smith deck and the Ascended Masters Oracle.Currently,Chaos Magick has peaked my interest.
I've used Stone and Color Magick the most.
I'm a History buff.hated it in school.
I've followed stories of ghosts,cryptids and ufos since i was a kid.Ive had my share of experiances with the supernatural and prophetic dreams and things like that.
I used to write and play music.ive written and co written over 600 songs.ive never earn a single penny from music.it was a labor of love.i served in the Navy.
**you're never alone.**
**coffee is evil**
**does anybody here,have a love/hate relationship with their Tarot?