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Wolfgang6496's Profile

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Name: Wolfgang6496
Birthday: Jun 4 1996
Location: Gowanda New York
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sat, 26 Dec 2015
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Im a guitarist in a band called The Potential. My religious beliefs are pagan in nature as it was with my father. I study all magikas and or magics currently studying black, purple and white magics. if anyone reads this and has any tips or pointers it would be much appreciated. I hope to one day be as versed as my father before me. After he passed away I have been attempting to communicate with him. He had an untimely and unknown death but we know it was not from his practices. My father was an addict to many a things which is why I chose to go down this road sober and clear minded. I know what im getting into is dangerous but im hoping the knowledge I have and will gain will carry me through. I must also say that I have very vivid dreams that I keep in a journal I give good advice, do not ever hesitate to talk or ask me for help I will do the best of my abilities to help find the answers and learn along the way. ever since I was the age of 11 I have had dreams I cant explain. at the age of 11 I had a dream where I was branded with the sigil of A.G.L.A at the time of the dream I did not know what the symbol was or what it stood for and I copied it in my journal. It wasn't till a couple years later I was doing an art project and using real sigils off the internet and as soon as I saw it and recognized it. That is what sparked my interests in magic. The night before my father passed away I had a dream that it was going to happen a very lucid dream but no matter how I tried I could not save him. I knew that no one would believe me considering my grandma was catholic and did not believe in the type of stuff even when I told her so I wrote a poem about it. she still has that poem today and has opened her mind to my ability. the date at the time was Feb.2nd 2012 I believe I used the ability again when I had a dream about my aunt passing away and I told my grandma that her sister wasn't going to make it this was thanksgiving of 2015. She once again did not want to believe me, my aunt had been in the hospital already due to a stroke but she survived the surgery and was doing well for 13 days she held on my grandma wanted to prove me wrong. I stood by the dream I had I knew she wasn't going to make it even though she was getting better but she got sick before her final surgery and had a 2nd massive stroke it killed her. My grandma does not doubt me anymore. When my father was a child around 15 my grandmother realized he had a gift he could do as well, my dad could Astral Project very well. ive heard stories that scared my grandmother about it if you want to know more I can tell you. Me I am not able to do it as well in fact I have only managed to do it once and I will never forget it. Instead I dream of upcoming events and write them in my journal put check marks next to the things that happen and track the ones that haven't. I was wondering if I could have inherited a skill from my father? if anyone reads this and has the knowledge let me know what you know. Now im going to enlighten myself with this knowledge that I can gather. This has been my life thus far if anyone wants to know more just ask.