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Name: Chaoethin
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Welcome to my bio fellow magick users. My name is Chaoethin but you may shorten that to Chao. I am a neopagan in the shaman's path of Norse Paganism, Heathen, or Seidhr. I worship many Kindred of the nine worlds such as Skadi and Freya. I was born during Yule which gives me a stronger bond to my Kindred Odin and Skadi. I mostly work around Ranarok with sounds like a gruesome task but it is nessary. I'm not afraid of the "dark arts" and would say they are very useful. I'm mostly self-taught so sometimes I have troubles with certain topics I have not studied. I still know a lot about my religion though that is the case. If you would like to talk to me ABOUT MAGICK, please message me.