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Mack_Jarrus's Profile

Member Info
Name: Mack_Jarrus
Birthday: Jan 9 2002
Location: Jedi training Academy
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 03 Feb 2017
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Hi! My name is Mackenzie Jarrus, but I go by Mack, Rae or Kenzie Previously SpellsRMine Happily Forever Taken I'm a siren. I love to sing, act, dance, obviously swim, and ride horses. I am also a diehard Star Wars fan. I can be shy, sometimes arrogant, sassy, and a few other things. I am VERY independent. I tend to act before I think, I always try to make sure that everything is perfect, which is an accidental flaw. I am very friendly, but don't get on my bad side. You will know when i am, if you attempt. I will not tolerate people trying to take advantage or control of me as it is a huge mistake to do so. I have dated before, but I'm not sure if I will ever try again because I have dated about ten guys and each of them has found a way to rip and/or break my heart and leave me behind. Any guy I have dated in the past are complete jerks and I'm never going back. Anyway, I just turned 14. Totally excited. I have a brother who is in the army and barely talks to me, at least we found something our parents don't know about that we can talk on so he started talking to me again for the first time in a few years. There was a major family problem at his graduation and I'm lucky to even maybe be recognized as family by my moms 'family'. I WILL NOT BE TELLING ANYONE MY ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER, ETC. due to trust factors in the country these days, identity thieves, and because it's just none of your business. NO I DO NOT HAVE SKYPE, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, TUMBLR, INSTAGRAM, ETC. I have been through some relationships, and I'm pretty skittish when it comes to one. I've been dumped pretty much everytime I've dated someone. I was forced to break up with someone recently and Im not sure that I will ever look back. Because, looking back means you stay in the past. If you look forward and get over your problems, you may not feel as burdened. I would know. And uhhh, yeah, I took a Disney test too.. I'm 40% Pocahontas and 60% Merida. So beware. I am a fireball, but I am very sweet. I am Hungarian, Irish, German, American, Cherokee (I think), a touch of Norwegian, and English. Spirit Animal/insect: Butterfly Religion: Roman Catholic Music: Metallica, Rush, Journey, Shakira, Avicii, Fall Out Boy, Zendaya, Shawn Mendes, Lindsey Stirling, Sabrina Carpenter, Halestorm (Lizzy Hale) Element: Ice; water; snow Aura: Yellow Chakra: Solar Plexus Sixth Sense: Knowing Something bad is gonna happen POST THIS IN YOUR PROFILE AND SEE WHAT COLOR PEOPLE MESSAGE YOU. Blue=i want a second chance Yellow=you're cute Green=i want a kiss Purple=i will die for you Red=i want you to kiss me Pink=let's cuddle rainbow=i want you in my bed Orange=i owe you a kiss Black=i want a hug teal=i really like you White=i'm crushing on you Brown=i love you. Crimson=die blood red=come to the back room turquoise=i don't like you aqua=i hate you gold=lets be friends silver=your my enemy grey: i think i'm falling in love with you Ice: I think I'd like to roleplay Star Wars and/or talk Star Wars. I don't care if you're gay or straight, everybody needs love. I don't care if you're diseased with an incurable sickness, everybody deserves a chance. I don't care if you're ugly or pretty, everybody has flaws. I don't care if you're black or white, everybody has the same capabilities. I don't care if you're weird, everybody needs to change. I don't care if you're rich or poor, everybody needs warmth. I don't care if you're different, everybody is. Repost this if you agree with it. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- To those who hate Emos/Goths: Isn't it funny that when you go to the shops with your friends you look down at the girl with black jeans and studs but smile at the girl wearing a mini with a t-shirt that barely cover anything? Isn't it funny you can change your music taste to impress a guy but when it comes to a girl who likes her own music and her own style, you give her a mouthful? ISN'T IT FUNNY that a guy can get away with being a gangsta but the emo gets a mouthful from everyone? are you laughing? Isn't it funny a emo can be quiet all through the week but gets more shit from everyone than the girl who sleeps around and sells her virginity? ISN'T IT FUNNY that you don't mind your friends drinking, smoking but the minute someone mentions emo music you can give them a lecture on melodramatic teenage outcasts? I'm not laughing. ITS SO FUNNY that you and your friends can make a girls life hell and not know anything about the silent battle she might be fighting. ISN'T IT FUNNY that you can call emos, punks, goths the retards but still manage to get through your day without an inch of guilt in your heart. HOW YOU CAN CALL A GIRL A POSER, HOW CAN YOU SAY ''YOUR NOT EMO'' OR ''ATTENTION SEEKER'' WITHOUT SPENDING A SECOND TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHY THERE ARE CUTS ON HER WRISTS AND WHY SHE SPENDS HER LUNCHTIMES CRYING INSTEAD OF LAUGHING WITH HER FRIENDS? KEEP ON LAUGHING! isn't it funny you can say and do all this without any idea of what is going on in this persons life without knowing her situation with her friends or her family or her LIFE! BRAVE ISN'T GOING UP ON STAGE AND STRIPPING! BRAVE IS NOT SAYING A SPEECH OR DUMPING YOUR BOYFRIEND! BRAVE IS GOING TO SCHOOL ON MUFTI DAY AND NOT FOR A SECOND CARE WHAT THE WORLD AROUND YOU IS SAYING ABOUT YOUR CLOTHES. ITS LISTENING TO YOUR OWN MUSIC AND BEING PROUD OF IT! ITS GOING THROUGH EVERY DAY WITH THE THINGS PEOPLE SAY TO YOUR FACE AND BEHIND YOUR BACK AND YOU STILL KEEP QUIET. ITS KNOWING WHAT YOUR ''FRIENDS'' ARE SAYING ABOUT YOU AND STILL CALLING THEM YOUR FRIENDS! BRAVE IS KNOWING THAT TOMORROW ISN'T A BRIGHT AND HAPPY FUTURE ITS ANOTHER DAY OF COMPLAINING AND DODGING RUMORS! KEEP ON LAUGHING. if you agree put this on your profile and advise others to do the same