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Name: nun
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hi and blessing to all,
if there is one thing to believe in the world,this is a kindness of God.
God is my teacher,my father,my mother and my best friend.
i believe if God had lips,he would kiss all of us because he love us.
so,i belong myself to my creator....God is in your hearts to,just open your heart and your mind to feel how it is beautiful and peaceful.
about myself i can say that meditation is an important part of my life .i do it in the darkness of the night and near the light of the is nice that you have dark and light near each other and meditate between them.
i am a real nun of a christian convent.i was born 1982 in korea and i went to the convent in 2001 and i i was there for 6 2007 i left the convent for some reasons.and in these years i have studid about hypnotism and energy effects on human and meditations and channels of the human soul.i also learnt witch knowledge far from the eyes of monks and church.
and i am willing to learn people about the knowledge and share what i know to all the world.