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Name: destruzio666
Location: Canada, eh?
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Hey guys. What is there to say about me?
The Elements
I am interested in learning telekinesis, so if you can help me, that would really, um, help. Also, some people are saying that I am the 'notorious' Psychic_One. Let me tell you a little story.
THAT ISNT TRUE. Psychic_One originally was enrolled at bluewolf and dracko33's school, but she wasn't very good at coming to the lessons, so me and her made our own school, and she dropped out of the other school. Then they thought that she took their lessons and put them on our website, which she didn't because she never went to any of the classes.
Talk to you later,
By the way, destruzio is short for destruziodistortaversa. I made it up. It means doom and destruction. So I guess destruzio666 would mean destruction666.