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Name: Withaidea
Location: Somewhere, failing to cast a spell
Gender: Female
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Hi, my name is Lily. Here's a few facts about me.
1. I haven't managed to cast a spell yet, only ones that I have made.
2. I still live at home, the youngest of three girls.
3. I'm 13.
4. I haven't told my family I'm attempting magic.
5. I've been interested in witchcraft since I was 7.
6. I can make a few colors (green, black and white.) appear in my crystal ball, pictured above. Anyone know what the colors mean?
Soo, yeah. That's my magic(k) experience.
My spells
Make the sea rough. Has been tested two times. Does work.
Quick love command. Works on any gender. Tested three times.
Water rose blessing. Works anywhere. Tested two times.
The Blessed Book. Tested once. Works
Lucky Clover Sack. Tested two times and works
Please don't send any hate mail.
Good luck on your next spell,