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Name: younglucien
Last Seen: Wed, 18 Nov 2015
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I first started liking magic and believing in the supernatural when I was 8 years old I could sense spirits when I was 6 an a half which my family never knew and still dont and alot of them were friendly and a lot of them were really attracted to me spiritualy with those of them being aggressive but strangely I never knew it was weird at that age that got along much better with the latter of them until I found I had a uncontrollable hatred against a lot of people mostly any one spoke to me and other things but it wasn't as bad as with a friend at that age any way I still can sense them but now I don't choose to and I can't anymore... until now I started sensing the aggressive spirits again but not as many of them and figured out that now I can sense them along my hatred for anyone who spoke to me except for friends which I hardly had any who could put up with my rage and hatred heh heh but now I am much much much more happier that I can sense them again heh heh heh hehUAHAHAHA hmm.. im sorry got a little carried away there anyway .... As for my first encounter with a certain kind of entity I'm pretty sure whoevers reading this knows what I'm talking about that is another story., ... That I'd rather not talk about if that is FINE WITH ANYONE Looking to be my friend or who decides to talk to me ,...OKAY!!! But if anyone insists on me talking about it contact me about it on live chat OKAY!!! ... Let's just say that it was a bad time for my family and an especially bad time for me involving a lot of hatred and aggravation and rage along with fighting and me going into a trance like rages. But... If you have to know what all happened please if you are someone who's my friend and just started reading this two kids I'm not going to name nearly died from u know who unconsciously bashing one of the kids skull open from 15 yards away with a 20 pound rock by throwing it with superhuman like strength while being in aothedde like trance with that kid being bully you'd expect it to be called justice and standing up to him but this was just brutel while I'm hollering and screaming awful hateful foul curse words and nasty vulgar sick and evil things at him while the other kid was wailing and cursing at and doing so he cursed at Me and hit me so me being In a rage already that was literly it for me and I went off the deep end punching him over and over picking up and slamming him on tables chairs sinks and throwing him off the 10ft high slide onto the ground and then jumping off the slide and slamming onto him nearly killing him But anyway I want to tal k..hmm uh oh wow sorry listen or read to me rant on about my life sorry where manners or what I do have of them let me tell any who is reading this about me Im presently 16 but am newly turned 13 in the mind and on my body just a week or 2 ago my almost real and true name is Lucien or Lucifer by fpa because of my hatred and rage when I was younger as explained above in the paragraph about life and why I'm into this kind of stuff My real name is hmm uh Now I remember it is dylan sorry I have to keep part of my name hidden or blocked for security and protection reasons anyone on here can just call me lucien.